For a safe gaming enviroment


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Welcome to TrollPlanet.

TrollPlanet is a non-profit organization that started in Chicago, IL commited to protecting the safety of video gamers online.

At TrollPlanet we believe in today's world you can never be too safe, especially online. This includes video games. Our team monitors video games and makes sure everyone is safe while having a good time.

Nik Trolenski started TrollPlanet with the mission to provide a safe gaming enviroment. We currently have over 100 volunteer gamers watching to make sure everyone is safe. For security reasons we do not share any information with anybody.

Security Measures we take
Undisclosed locations - Our servers are located inside generic-looking, undisclosed locations that make them less likely to be a target of an attack.

24x7x365 Security - Our data centers that host your data are guarded seven days a week, 24 hours a day, every day of the year by private security guards as well as dozens of nightvision cameras.

Controlled Entrance - Access to our data centers is tightly restricted to a small group of pre-authorized personnel.

We use many security measures due to the fact that we have information on thousands of gamers. Although we cannot list all the details of our infrastructure for security reasons, rest assured that TrollPlanet's security practices, policies and infrastructure are safe and reliable.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Employee Hotline: 1-866-287-6548 (1-866-2-TROL-4-U)
  • "i wanna say thanks to nik for working with me. nik is a great guy and he started a great thing here. i have been telling others about trollplanet!"
  • "i just wanna say thanks for everything you do. you guys really helped me."